Winter is here now and things are beautiful.  But there is still a pandemic, so while we certainly want people to be able to enjoy all the wonders of this area, we want to make you safe, too.  We have developed a plan to do that.  Here are some of the details. 

* We will allow 2 days between reservations to allow for our cleaning procedure.  No back-back-to-back reservations until life is back to normal. 

* After each guest leaves, we will open all windows and allow some for airing out, which helps to eliminate any viruses on surfaces. ​ We were leaving things open for 24 hours but we can’t do that when it’s snowing!

* We will launder all fabric including comforters and quilts. sheets, towels, pillowcases, etc..​

* All surfaces and doorknobs, handles, etc. will be sprayed with an approved spray.  We use Lysol.​

* Floors will be cleaned thoroughly with a Clorox solution. ​

* After cleaning we will again air out the cottage to make sure that your pets will not be affected by cleaning solutions. ​

* Hand sanitizer is available by the front door.  However, washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is still far preferable, so soap and of course, water, are readily available.​

*  Lysol spray is available to spray any surfaces, doorknobs and handles that you have touched after being outside.  Please spray lightly and let it dry for 5 minutes to make sure any virus is eliminated. ​

* You are responsible for providing your own masks when you go out to an area where distancing is not possible. 

We spent A lot of this winter working on lots of new improvements to make Judy's Guest House even more comfortable and home-like.  We hope you enjoy it!


We're very happy to announce that we can now take your credit card or debit card payment for your stay.  All major credit cards accepted.

We have also added an availability calendar so you can see if your dates are open. Thanks for your patience while we got this up and running the way we wanted it.

We have some exciting news.  Bet The Farm Winery has opened a tasting room within walking distance of the cottage!  Their site in Aurora, on the other side of the lake, has a five star rating from Trip Advisor.

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